Love lost…. Again…

Hope was dead
So was desire
You brought me to life
Reignited the fire…

You said you love me
My heart you won’t break
You choose to walk away
Now I am a wreck ..

Why would you do this
When love was all what I wanted
Why would you be so cruel
And take my heart for granted..

Should I thank you for
The love you awakened
Or just hate you for
My soul that’s now weakened.


Come back my love

It’s just been a week
But it feels like a lifetime
The wound so fresh
For you, I still pine.

The love that brought me back
Your love that made me alive
Why did you take it away
Why didn’t you let it strive

Come back to me, my darling
Not just ’cause I want you
Come, for you long for me
Come ’cause you love me too…

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Oh so lame!!!

You don’t really deserve
How I feel about you
For you it’s a game
For me, the feelings are true..

You keep at your game
I will keep loving you
You keep saying the words
I will keep feeling through…

Words don’t hold a chance
Unless you really mean them
My feelings so true
Your feelings so lame…



Just the other day
You said like hooch I smelled
So you didn’t kiss me
Never saw the tears that welled..

The whole room stunk up
Of booze and smoke
I stood there naked
Like I was a sad joke..

You should have smelled
The love I have for you
You would have known
It’s so pure and true…

Your words so simple
But they’ve done the damage
I have to clean up the mess
You left behind after this carnage…..


With or without you

I turned around in bed
Hoping to see you there
I realized then
You don’t live here my teddy bear

Why does it have to be
I am here you are there
I can’t take the distance
Life is so unfair

I want to be by you
Now and forever more
Come to me my baby
My heart is so sore

I hope I see you soon
Oh my sweet little one
Losing you is so painful
How do I live without you hon???



Can’t shed them anymore
My tears have dried up
I am sad these days
But I am all cried up.

You see the smile
I don’t show the pain
We share a few moments
But they are in vain.

Tell me if you dare to
See me with my soul bared
Tell me it wasn’t a waste
All that we’ve shared….



Do we make love
Or do we have sex
Do you see me there
Or do you see your ex

Sometimes you are gentle
Sometimes you are rough
What goes through your mind
To know that is really tough

Some days you treat me good
Some days you are pretty bad
Some days you make me happy
Some days you make me sad

What you feel for me
Who really knows
But I sure love you
And I guess it shows…